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CP476 Internet Computing Winter 2013


Monday 30th of November 2015  

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Instructor: Dr. Hongbing Fan
Office: N2081  Phone: ext.2823   Email:  h f a n @ w l u . c a
Mon-Wed-Fri     1:30 - 2:20 pm   Room:  N1057
Office hours:  Mon-Wed-Fri   2:30 - 3:30 pm or by appointment


Congratulations to every team for the completion of final project. 

The deadline of the project submission is April 9. Don't forget to include a documentation about of your project. 

Check your grade at myLearningSpace. Should be you have any questions about your record, please email or talk to instructor before April.19


CP476 Final Project Presentation

1:30 p.m. Monday, April 8. Room N1057

Tips for the project presentation

  1. Each team will have 5 minutes. 
  2. Address the main problem of your project, your solution with focus on server side computing. 
  3. Demonstrate the top two features to assure audiences that you solved the problem in a special way.  
  4. It is a good idea to create one or two slides, and/or a short video to show your project. 
  5. It is good to try your demo before the presentation. Particularly if you plan to show it on your own computer or server. Always have a plan B, just in case somethinggoes wrong. 
  6. You are the master of your project. Try to impress your audiences and get them interested in it and ask questions. 
  7. Team work.

Week 12 (Apr.1 - Apr.8):  P2P based Internet Computing

  • Mon: P2P overlay network and structued data path. The demonstration of project.  Teching evaluation.
  • Wed:  Distributed computing & Parallel computing, resource allocation with Internet computing. Quiz 3 return
  • Fri:  final touch on final project

Week 11 (Mar.24 - Mar.31):  P2P based Internet Computing

  • Mon: MapReduce and Hadoop. Quiz 3
  • Wed:  Introduction to P2P based Internet Computing. A4 due
  • Fri:  Good Friday

Week 10 (Mar.17 - Mar.24):  Java technology for Internet computing continue

  • Mon: Browser based client side with Java: Java Applet.  vs  Flash, yet another client side technology.    
    Project proposal due.

  • Wed:  Introduction to JBOSS - server side platform for Enterpise Internet Computing
  • Fri:  Spring framework for Enterpise application development

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