Physics & Computer Science

CP104: Introduction to Programming

An introductory course designed to familiarize the student with modern software development techniques. Emphasis is on problem-solving and structured program design methodologies. Programming projects are implemented in a widely used high-level language.

3 lecture hours, 2.5 lab hours

Credit: 0.50

Section Information
Section Days Times Room Instructor
Lecture A MWF - BA201 Dr. Safaa Bedawi
Lecture B TR - LH1001 Dr. Safaa Bedawi
Lecture L1 M - BA113
Lecture L2 T - BA113
Lecture L3 T - BA113
Lecture L4 W - BA113
Lecture L5 W - BA113
Lecture L6 W - BA113
Lab L10 R - BA113
Lab L11 F - BA113
Lab L12 F - BA113
Lab L13 M - BA113
Lab L14 T - N1055
Lab L7 R - BA113
Lab L8 R - BA113
Lab L9 R - BA113