Physics & Computer Science

CP164: Data Structures I

Introduction to the study of data structures and their applications. Recursion, searching, sorting. Queues, stacks, heaps. Introduction to the analysis of algorithms, big “O” notation.

3 lecture hours, 2.5 lab hours

Credit: 0.50

Prerequisite: CP104

Exclusion: CP114



Section Information
Section Days Times Room Instructor
Lecture B MWF - Mr. David Brown
Lecture OC TR - Dr. Masoomeh Rudafshani
Lab L1 M - Mr. Sukhjit Sehra
Lab L2 T - Mr. David Brown
Lab L3 W - Mr. Sukhjit Sehra
Lab L4 W - Mr. David Brown
Lab L5 R - Mr. Sukhjit Sehra
Lab L6 M - Mr. Heider Ali
Lab L7 T - Mr. Heider Ali
Lab L8 R - Mr. Heider Ali
Lab L9 R - Mr. David Brown