Physics & Computer Science

CP220: Digital Electronics

Introduction to digital logic: logic gates, combinational circuit analysis using Boolean algebra and Karnaugh maps, number systems and codes, minimization techniques applied to combinational logic systems; flip-flops, multivibrators, counters and shift registers.

3 lecture hours

Credit: 0.50

Cross-Listed: PC220

Prerequisite: Registration status: Year 2

Exclusion: CP120/PC120

Section Information
Section Days Times Room Instructor
Lecture A MW - Dr. Shaowen Song
Lab L1 M -
Lab L10 R -
Lab L11 W -
Lab L12 R -
Lab L13 F -
Lab L14 F -
Lab L2 M -
Lab L3 M -
Lab L4 T -
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Lab L7 W -
Lab L8 W -