Physics & Computer Science

PC141: Mechanics for the Life Sciences

Algebra-based course, which introduces basic principles of physics. Detailed topics covered: kinematics, motion in two dimensions, force, work and energy, linear momentum and collisions, circular motion and gravitation, rotational motion and equilibrium.

Lecture/Discussion: 3, Lab: 2 (biweekly)

Credit: 0.50

Prerequisite: One of OAC or Grade 12U Biology, Chemistry, or Physics

Exclusion: PC100*, PC110*, PC131, PC151, PC161, SC100

Section Information
Section Days Times Room Instructor
Lecture A MWF - BA201 Dr. Maher Ahmed
Lecture L1 M - N2089
Lecture L2 M - N2089
Lecture L3 T - N2089
Lab L10 W - N2089
Lab L5 T - N2089
Lab L6 T - N2089
Lab L7 W - N2089