CP164 : Labs - Fall 2019

The Labs

Week Starting Lab Posted
2 1: Classes
3 2: Stacks
4 3: Queues
5 4: Lists
6 5: Recursion
7 Reading Week
8 6: Lists (Cont'd)
9 7: Recursion (Cont'd)
10 8: BSTs
11 9: Hashing
12 10: Sorting

The labs are the hands-on portion of the course. As well, labs are used to work on tasks and discuss assignments. The IAs (Instructional Assistants) are on hand to help you with tasks and assignments, using the computer systems, and using the IDE (Instructional Development Environment).

Each lab is broken down into two parts. In the first part, the Lab Instructor discusses the week's topics in terms of implementing them on the computer. This usually involves hands-on work on the PC network. After this instructional part is over, there is a lab task. Tasks are marked in the lab you start them in. You may not continue a task in later lab. Each lab is worth 1% of your final course grade.

The Lab Instructor will make alternate arrangements in case of equipment failure, holidays, illness, etc.. These changes will be posted to the course mailing list. Check your email on a regular basis!

Switching labs is OK if you receive the Lab Instructor's permission ahead of time.

Please bring your course notes to each lab session.

Lab work builds upon previous work: if you fall behind, you stay behind, so keep on top of things. If you are taking far too much time to do your work, then you didn't understand something, you didn't remember something, or you don't know how to handle a tool. Get help immediately!