CP363: Assignments - Winter 2023

The Assignments

Assignments are due 11:00 pm Monday.

Week Starting Assignment Due Posted
1 No Assignment
2 No Assignment
3 No Assignment
4 No Assignment
5 No Assignment
6 Reading Week
7 1: Simple Queries 2023-10-31 02:10
8 No Assignment
9 2: Joins and Aggregation 2023-10-31 02:10
10 3: Subqueries 2023-10-31 02:10
11 No Assignment
12 4: Metadata 2023-10-31 02:10
13 No Assignment
14 5: Database Design 2023-10-31 02:10

Submitting Assignments

Submit Assignments through MyLearningSpace.

You must adhere to our standards when submitting your assignments. You may use whatever tools you wish to create your assignments, but it is your responsibility to meet these standards:

Take the time to adhere to these standards. Don't wait until five minutes before the due date to try and make your program work on the WLU network, or to convert your text from Electric Pencil 5.2 to ASCII.

We strongly suggest you keep back up copies of your assignments on a network drive or memory stick. You are responsible for the back up of your course material.

After marking your assignments your marker posts your mark and comments on MyLearningSpace. Markers have two weeks after the assignment submission to return your marked assignment to you.

You may request a reassessment of your assignments by specifying the reasons for such request in writing. The assignment are completely reassessed and the reassessment may result in raising or lowering of your marks.

If you have problems, get help before the assignment is due.

Benefit of the Doubt Marks

Our markers spend a fair amount of time with students discussing assignment issues involving only one or two marks. Because the impact of the number of marks involved in these discussions is so insignificant, we would like to reduce this time. In order to do this we are adding Benefit of the Doubt (BD) Marks to assignment marks. The way these marks work is this:

When your assignment is graded, these marks are added to the final assignment grade. (For example, an assignment worth 30 marks may have 2 BD marks). If you bring your assignment back to your marker for remarking, these marks are removed from the final assignment grade. Thus, it is not worth bringing your assignment to your marker's attention for only 1 or 2 marks as the final assignment grade is unchanged (or lowered!). The only exception is simple addition errors which corrected by your marker without affecting the BD marks.

Please bring your questions to your marker's attention within one week of getting your marks back. Any later and no changes can be made.