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Mechanics for the Life Sciences

Welcome to Physics lab!
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Posted Apr 28, 2014 3:17 PM

Welcome to Physics!

The lab portion of PC141: Mechanics for life sciences course are being held every week in Room N2089, Science Building.

The first lab starts the week of May 5. You only need to bring a notebook.

Please see below for when your lab section begins:
Section Days Times Room

Lecture A MTR 16-30 pm - 18-20 pm P3067 Dr. Maher Ahmed
Lab section 1: L1 M 13:00 pm - 15:20 pm N2089
Lab section 2: L2 T 13:00 pm - 15:20 pm N2089
Lab section 3: L3 W 13:00 pm - 15:20 pm N2089
Lab section 4: L4 W 16:00 pm - 18:20 pm N2089

The first lab starts the week of May 5. You only need to bring a notebook.

Have you any question let me know.
Please, do not send me e-mails through mylearningspace system. You can reach me at
Looking forward to seeing you in the Physics lab.

General Description:
TThis course is designed to familiarize students with physical principles, concepts in a hands-on environment and develop skills in laboratory procedures and data analysis.
Total of 6 experiments will be required. During the first lab you should form a lab group of two three students. Every two weeks is due date for each previous lab work. The lab report should be submitted through mylearningspace.

You must be prepared to discuss and demonstrate your experiment and get in-lab question and tasks checked off and TA will sign it in YOUR LAB NOTEBOOK if you have completed all necessary work for the lab before leaving the lab. When leaving the laboratory, ensure that you switch off and unplug all equipment and that your work area is left tidy and clean. Any changes will be posted on the lab web page and/or mylearningspace. Please check the exact details on the lab website.

Exercise on Exercise on Estimation, Order of Magnitude Calculations, and Bounding
The purpose of this exercise is to introduce you the basics of measurements.

Exercise on Repeating Measurements
The purpose of this exercise is to become familiar with the ways to be accurate and precise in conclusions drawn from the experiment.

Exercise on Processing Uncertainties
The purpose of the exercise is to develop skills in calculating with uncertainties. This exercise should help you become familiar with calculations involving uncertainties, and how to address them in lab reports.

Measuring 'g' experiment.
The purpose of this experiment is to measure the acceleration due to gravity and to see if the effects of air resistance can be observed by dropping various balls and recording fall times.

Simple Harmonic Motion
The object of this experiment is to study systems undergoing simple harmonic motion. This experiment will develop your ability to perform calculations with repeated measurements.

Moment of Inertia
The purpose of this experiment is to determine empirically the moment of inertia of a body about an axis and to compare this with the theoretical value calculated from the measured mass and dimensions of the body. This experiment will also examine what factors affect an object rolling down an incline.

Adequate preparation before class is the key to success in the laboratory. This preparation has 2 components: studying the experiment description in the lab manual doing problems assigned by the lab instructor.



Odd Weeks starting the week of May 5th

Instructor Assistants: TBA

For the weeks of May 5

Introduction and you will be doing exercise: Measurement and Uncertainties Some useful links:tutorial on basic concepts

For the weeks of May 12

Introduction and you will be doing exercise: Repeated Measurements


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