Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science Posted Sep 06, 2005
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 PC 321: Quantum Mechanics I

  Fall 2011

  Instructor: Dr. Shohini Ghose


  Course Outline


  The Nov 17 lecture is shifted to Nov 18 at 9 AM.
  The Nov 24 lecture is shifted to Dec 2 at 9 AM.

  Midterm Equation Sheet
  Final Equation Sheet


Lecture 1            Lecture 6            Lecture 11               Lecture 16                        
  Lecture 2            Lecture 7            Lecture 12
  Lecture 3            Lecture 8              Lecture 13
  Lecture 4            Lecture 9              Lecture 14
  Lecture 5            Lecture 10           Lecture 15


  Assignment 1        Solutions
Assignment 2        Solutions
Assignment 3        Solutions         
Assignment 4        Solutions
Solvay 1927
A. Piccard, E. Henriot, P. Ehrenfest, Ed. Herzen, Th. De Donder, E. Schrödinger, J.E. Verschaffelt, W. Pauli, W. Heisenberg, R.H. Fowler, L. Brillouin;
P. Debye, M. Knudsen, W.L. Bragg, H.A. Kramers, P.A.M. Dirac, A.H. Compton, L. de Broglie, M. Born, N. Bohr;
I. Langmuir, M. Planck, M. Curie, H.A. Lorentz, A. Einstein, P. Langevin, Ch. E. Guye, C.T.R. Wilson, O.W. Richardson
Fifth conference participants, 1927. Institut International de Physique Solvay in Leopold Park.